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Support Maggie Against Censorship on College Campuses

The censorship at America’s colleges and universities must stop. And we need your support to bring First Amendment freedoms back to our nation’s campuses.

A university is supposed to be a “marketplace” for ideas. Unfortunately, more and more college campuses are silencing students through discriminatory policies, speech codes, and even no-contact orders.

Maggie DeJong’s story is case in point.

As a graduate student in art therapy counseling at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville (SIUE), Maggie wanted an education that would make her the best counselor she could be.

Just like many of her classmates and teachers, she posted her views to social media about COVID-19 regulations, censorship, critical race theory, Marxism, the criminal justice system, and more. As a Christian, Maggie brought her faith into class conversations about politics, faith, and culture. It’s who she is. But Maggie’s views were apparently unwelcome.

The university punished Maggie for sharing her beliefs and segregated her from the university community.

Maggie received no-contact orders preventing her from having any contact or “indirect communication” with three classmates who complained about her speech.

SIUE violated her constitutional right to free speech, and now Alliance Defending Freedom is standing with Maggie against unjust discrimination at her college campus—and to restore her right to speak freely.

If Maggie can be silenced, so can you, so can any of us. Her story is all too familiar to other students who express their Christian beliefs.

Will you give your best gift today to help defend not only Maggie’s right to free speech but that of every American?

Right now, your gift will be doubled by a special limited-time matching grant—dollar for dollar—up to $500,000. That means $25 becomes $50, $100 becomes $200, and $250 becomes $500, while matching funds last.

With your help, Alliance Defending Freedom is working to defend Maggie from the university’s illegal attempt to censor her speech so that all Americans may speak freely.

Will you give today and DOUBLE your impact while matching funds last?

THANK YOU for supporting Maggie in her fight for an equal voice in the public square.

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