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Help Defend Faithful Foster Parents Challenging Unlawful State Discrimination

When Washington State denied Shane and Jenn DeGross’ renewal application to continue fostering children in need, it did so because the DeGrosses are Christians who believe that God has created each person male or female.

They wouldn’t endorse and promote the state’s radical views on gender ideology, so the state rejected them.

The DeGrosses had willingly opened up their hearts and home for over nine years, to children of all backgrounds who lacked a stable and loving home environment, regardless of how the child identifies. Even though it is in desperate need of more families like the DeGrosses, the state put politics and ideology above the needs of kids.

But this is more than just about the DeGross family. This case is part of a stand against all forms of religious discrimination by the government. And it’s a stand for the right to live and speak the truth—even when your beliefs don’t align with the government’s. That includes the opportunity for children in need of a home to be placed with families that love Jesus.

We’re standing with the DeGrosses—but we can’t do this alone. Will you step up now and make a gift to help support their defense and the defense of others whose freedoms are threatened? A victory here would send the message that the needs of children—not political ideology—come first, and that families of faith won’t be denied opportunities to help and serve children in need.

When you give, know that you’re standing with Shane and Jenn, alongside many others around this country who are willing to face a dangerous threat to religious freedom we’re seeing today. We’re called in this moment to stand for faith, family, freedom—and truth.

Your generous gift will help maximize the impact of a $1 million challenge grant, and help get us closer to reaching an urgent goal of $4.1 million by June 30.