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Multiply your impact!

Around the world, it’s becoming more difficult—and dangerous—for Christians to live out their faith.

As the challenges mount, we know we can’t take on all these legal battles on our own.

Alliance Defending Freedom relies on a broad network of over 4,900 attorneys who have committed to defending freedom and protecting the persecuted.

In the months ahead, we expect to continue to be flooded with grant requests—from across the nation and the world.

Your tax-deductible gift today will help fund grants for and provide strategic support to our allies on the ground. Through your support, they will defend our persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ, and the God-given rights of all people.

We never want to be forced to turn down a case because of a lack of funds.

For every $1 ADF network attorneys around the world receive in grants, they donate an average of $5 in their own time and resources.

That means every $1 you give today can have up to FIVE TIMES the impact. Your gift of $50 could have the impact of $250. Your gift of $100 could have the impact of $500!

So don’t wait! Make your best gift today and help ensure that our alliance of network attorneys are prepared to stand with the persecuted in critical cases ahead.

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