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Peter Vlaming
Alliance Defending Freedom

We Need 50,000 Signatures to Send a Powerful Message!

It’s time to take a stand.

What happened to Peter Vlaming boggles the mind.

Peter was fired from his job as French teacher at West Point High School in Virginia. Not for something he said or did. But for something he simply could not say.

That’s wrong. And we need to send a message that government officials must respect free speech. With your help we hope to reach 50,000 signatures!

School administrators demanded that Peter, a Christian, use male pronouns when referring to a female student who began identifying as a boy, even when the student’s chosen name would be just as polite to use.

Peter couldn’t do it.

But there was no room for an accommodation for Peter. And there was no respect for his faith or convictions.

He lost his job—a job that he loved and students that he cared deeply for—and how he put food on the table for his four kids.

In fact, Peter was told that his “personal religious beliefs end at the school door” when they conflict with school board policy.

But that’s wrong. And it violates the Virginia Constitution. We’ve defended Peter all the way to the Virginia Supreme Court, where his case was heard last November. We’re now waiting for a decision from the court, which could be released any day.

Please sign your name below to stand with Peter and his family—and for free speech and religious freedom. We’re shooting for 50,000 signatures before the case is decided to show that Americans still believe in freedom of speech.