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The First Amendment—Three Myths & Three Facts eBook

Get Your Free First Amendment Guide

The First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution protects freedom of speech for all Americans. Sadly, many do not understand what the First Amendment protects and what it doesn’t.

Free speech is essential to building and supporting a culture that respects the right of all Americans to have and express their own opinions—without fear of government punishment.

Alliance Defending Freedom is committed to helping you better understand the key principles the First Amendment embodies — that’s why we’ve created this short, free guide: The First Amendment: 3 Myths & 3 Facts.

Download the guide and be equipped to defend the freedom of speech!

What’s inside:

  • Does the First Amendment protect “hate speech”?
  • What about speech the government determines to be “dangerous”?
  • Does the First Amendment protect unpopular speech from private (non-government) consequences?

Get your copy of The First Amendment: 3 Myths & 3 Facts now and be prepared to effectively defend free speech in conversations with friends and family.