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Cord of Three Strands bracelet

Cord of Three Strands

Coercing Lorie to express what she does not believe is downright unconstitutional.

With assistance from the attorneys at Alliance Defending Freedom, Lorie has taken her case to the Supreme Court, where she is standing to set a firm precedent for the free-speech rights of every American.

She’ll stand against both the State of Colorado and the Biden administration, both of whom are fighting to deny her the right to speak freely. This type of government coercion can affect anyone—including you and your family.

Please sign your name below to stand with Lorie and her family—and for free speech. When you do, we’ll send you your red, white, and blue “Cord of Three Strands” bracelet as our gift of thanks to you.

Add Your Name to the National Note of Solidarity:

"Lorie, thank you for being courageous in standing up for all Americans to live consistent with their beliefs! I stand alongside you in support and will be praying for victory in your case, and for free speech across America."