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Take the Next Step to Help Protect Your First Amendment Rights

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Before you leave, I want to make sure you know about cases that are happening right now—maybe in your neck of the woods …

Middle Schooler Liam Morrison is now standing for free speech in court because his school violated his right to speak freely.

Nichols Middle School in Middleborough, Massachusetts, openly celebrates radical gender ideology and has even encouraged students to participate, too. Yet when Liam joined the conversation and wore a shirt to school that said “There are only two genders,” he was sent home from school.

Liam is standing up for the freedom of speech of all Americans—much like Jack Phillips, who has been in court for over a decade because of a Colorado law that has been used to punish Jack for not creating custom cakes expressing messages that violate his beliefs.

Will you stand with Liam, Jack, and all Americans defending the right to speak freely?

The need for help is growing. Last year, we fielded THOUSANDS of requests for legal assistance!

Since we never charge our clients a dime to defend them in court—even if it takes us all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court—we rely on the generous support of people like you.

Your giving has the power to help fuel critical cases that protect the First Amendment rights of individuals across the nation. And your giving also has the power to help protect fundamental rights for generations to come.

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