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Women deserve better. That’s why we’re standing with these brave female athletes.

This is about standing up for the truth. And it’s about ensuring that every girl and woman has an equal opportunity to a fair playing field.

That’s why we’re standing with courageous female athletes like Selina Soule, Chelsea Mitchell, Alanna Smith, and Ashley Nicoletti. They experienced the consequences of allowing males to compete with female athletes, and they decided to take a brave stand.

They did this in the face of loud voices opposing them, and the deafening silence of many around them, when others were afraid to speak out.

All they wanted was a fair shot—just like any other dedicated athlete.

After four long years, and an appeals court victory, they will finally have their day in court. These brave young women will have the opportunity to show how they lost titles, placements, medals, and advancement opportunities to male athletes.

They will show how the lie of gender ideology tilted the playing field against them and continues to harm female athletes across the country.

But instead, athletic authorities and organizations are putting politics ahead of fairness, and even risking the health and safety of female athletes.

And it’s all based on a lie.

A lie that denies biological reality (and common sense) and says that sex can be changed, that there is no difference between men and women.

This is a lie that has devastating consequences. And one that specifically harms women and girls.

Women and girls deserve better. And we know the truth: that men and women are created by God equal in value, but wonderfully distinct and complementary.

This is why cases like the one involving Selina, Chelsea, Alanna, and Ashley are so important. And it’s why we’ll continue to stand up for brave women and girls like them.