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You Can Help Protect the Rights of Everyday Americans

We The People

"I support ADF because they support American values and are not afraid to take chances to defend the freedom of religion." - Brandon Tatum  

Our God-given freedoms face increasing threats from overreaching government officials.

This is more than just a struggle for court victories. It’s a battle for truth, and one of the ways we win is by standing together to protect our God-given rights. You can do that right now by partnering with ADF with a monthly gift of just $19.

Alliance Defending Freedom has been defending our rights for 30 years – and winning. We’ve won 15 cases at the U.S. Supreme Court since 2011, and right now, we have two critical cases before the Court.

We’re suing the U.S. Food & Drug Administration for removing its original safety standards for high-risk abortion drugs. Women should have the ongoing care of a doctor when taking these drugs and the FDA is recklessly endangering their health and safety.

We’re also assisting the State of Idaho to defend its law protecting the lives of women and their unborn children against the Biden administration’s attempt to override the law and force ER doctors to perform abortions.

Cases like these, that take years and go all the way to the Supreme Court, can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. But we never charge our clients a dollar to defend them in court. We make that promise because people like you stand ready to help fuel these critical cases.

Will you step up right now and commit to becoming a monthly donor for just $19/month? In addition to helping Brandon Tatum reach his goal of $10,000, you’ll be taking a bold stand against government lawlessness and helping to defend our cherished freedoms.

Thank you for your generous support.