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Help Defend the Truth in an Age of Lies

It’s costly to tell the truth today. It can cost you your reputation, your livelihood, and even friends and family.

But far greater is the cost of not standing up to these lies. They threaten not only our integrity and ability to live by our beliefs, but the future we will hand on to our children.

Across the country, there are government efforts underway to force people to lie and speak against their beliefs. When the government tells you what you can and cannot say, it not only violates free speech rights, but it also teaches the next generation what is and isn’t acceptable to say. 

A government powerful enough to silence citizens speaking the truth is bad enough.  A society that forces citizens to tell lies is not free at all.

Your gift to Alliance Defending Freedom right now will help defend:

  • the truth about life through our critical stand for pro-life doctors who refuse to harm their patients in assisted suicide.
  • the truth about the biological reality through our work defending women and girls’ safety and opportunities in sports
  • your ability to speak the truth through many critical free-speech cases, even cases at the Supreme Court where we currently await a decision to protect graphic designer Lorie Smith from compelled speech.

Your financial gift today will be doubled—dollar for dollar—up to $1.5 million by a generous matching grant while funds last, and it comes at a critical time to defend the right to live out and speak the truth for this generation and the next.

Will you give today and stand for the truth both now and for years to come? You can be the difference maker. And together we can work to change the course of freedom’s future.

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