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Help Defend the Truth in an Age of Lies

It’s costly to tell the truth today. It can cost you your reputation, your livelihood, and even your friends and family.

But far greater is the cost of not standing up to these lies—especially in America’s schools.

When the government shuts down speech, it teaches the next generation what is and isn’t acceptable to say.

When the government hides critical information from parents, it drives a wedge between parents and their children—and leaves kids vulnerable to damaging lies.

When the government bows to the idea that speech and ideas can be violence, it teaches our future leaders to choose censorship over dialogue and debate.

Your gift to Alliance Defending Freedom right now will help protect, preserve, and advance religious freedom, free speech, and the rights of parents. It will help ensure that all students can freely pursue the truth in our age of lies—and that parents can know the truth about what’s going on in schools.

Whatever you give today will be combined with a $300,000 challenge grant and help protect freedom for the next generation—and years to come.

Thank you in advance for giving!

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