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Defending the Right to Live out Your Faith

The threats to religious freedom are growing fast.

But Alliance Defending Freedom has been defending religious freedom for over years, and with 15 victories at the Supreme Court just since 2011, we’re working to secure freedom’s future for all Americans—the freedom of religion and free speech not just for ourselves, but for future generations as well.

That’s because the right to live out your faith doesn’t end at your doorstep, even as some government officials and activists are trying to force you to keep it at home.

As one supporter recently said, “I didn’t know you existed, but you’ve been defending me all these years.”

But the work we do is costly, and because we never charge our clients a dime to defend them in court, we rely on the support of Ministry Friends to increase our efforts to protect freedom.

So, here’s some exciting news: For each dollar you contribute, your donation will be matched dollar-for-dollar by one of ADF’s generous Ministry Friends—up to $1.5 million. This doubles the impact of your donation!

Your tax-deductible gift today will help ADF protect your right to live your faith when it is under attack—from government overreach to well-funded activist groups like the ACLU and its allies.

But your generosity will mean more than that. It will help keep the door open for the Gospel, advance truth, and safeguard freedom for the next generation.

Alliance Defending Freedom never wants to be forced to turn down a case because of a lack of funds.

Every $1 you give today will be DOUBLED—up to $1.5 million—thanks to a limited-time matching grant from a generous Ministry Friend.

The moment is critical, and the need is great. When you give today, your support can make twice the impact while funds last—both now and for the next generation.

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