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Stand with Jessica

Parents who want to adopt shouldn’t face discrimination for their deeply held Christian beliefs. They shouldn’t be denied access to available government opportunities because of their faith.

Yet that’s precisely what’s happening to Jessica Bates—a mother of five who is seeking to adopt and care for a sibling pair.

Oregon is flat-out rejecting Jessica’s application for failing to “meet the adoption home standards.” In other words, she won’t tell boys they can be girls and girls they can be boys, take children to events like Pride parades, or facilitate a child’s access to potentially sterilizing drugs like puberty blockers and cross-sex hormone shorts. 

Children in need will remain in need of loving homes when Oregon prevents Jessica and other prospective parents from adopting or fostering. 

Alliance Defending Freedom is standing with Jessica and against this dangerous religious discrimination, and we could use your prayer and support.

Take a stand with us today. Pledge your support to loving, adoptive parents like Jessica Bates, who want nothing more than to care for orphans—just as the Bible calls us to!

“Jessica, I stand with you and all prospective adoptive parents in America who place their religious beliefs above all else and refuse to do anything that will harm children in need.”

Join the more than 7,000 people who have signed the statement to support Jessica!