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Stand with Jack

For more than 10 years, Colorado cake artist Jack Phillips has been dragged through courts because activists have targeted, harassed, and tried to punish him for his beliefs.

In the third lawsuit targeting Jack and his business, Masterpiece Cakeshop, the Colorado Court of Appeals affirmed a lower court’s ruling that punished Jack for not designing a custom cake celebrating a gender transition, requested by an activist attorney.

Jack serves everyone. But he can’t create every message that he’s asked to.

The activist attorney said he wanted to “test” Jack and “correct the errors of [Jack’s] thinking.”

The harassment must stop. Will you sign your name to our Statement of Support for Jack?

Free speech is for everyone—not just those whose message the government approves of.

No American should be forced to express messages that violate their core beliefs.

Jack’s case will be heard by the Colorado Supreme Court in 2024. Raise your voice and sign your name to our Statement of Support for Jack today to show that he’s not alone.

“I stand with Jack and every American who wants to be able to freely express their beliefs without fear of government punishment.”