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Christian Youth Ministry Targeted by State of Oregon—Help Support Ministries’ Freedom!

For 60 years, the heart of the mission of Medford, OR-based 71Five Ministries has been to bring the hope of Jesus Christ to the youth in their community through trusting mentor relationships.

The ministry has long participated in a state grant program designed to support existing services for youth at risk of disengaging from school, work, and community. Yet after being approved for over $400,000 in grants, the state rescinded the funds.

The state discriminated against the group because of its Christian beliefs. The state claims the ministry is ineligible for the grants because it only hires like-minded Christians who believe in the Gospel and the ministry's work.

What Oregon is doing is wrong.

Christian organizations should be able to hire and partner with people who share their faith.

Simply put, the state is taking money, resources, and programs away from youth who need it most by excluding a religious organization.

With your help, we’re challenging this blatant targeting of a Christian ministry in a new lawsuit. Will you step up right now and help protect our First Amendment freedoms with a gift of any size? Your gift will help support 71Five Ministries’ case and others like it.

This critical case could impact other religious ministries, forcing them to either hire people who openly oppose their core beliefs, or lose access to needed funding.

Thank you for your support.

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