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Help Secure Free Speech and Religious Freedom for All

Our culture is riddled with anxiety and confusion. Many are rejecting the very foundations on which freedom rests.

And that leaves your freedoms under threat.

But that’s why faithful, courageous people like Colorado cake artist Jack Phillips turn to Alliance Defending Freedom for help.

When government officials and activists misuse the law to punish those they disagree with … when people of faith are discriminated against for their beliefs … when religious freedom and free speech are violated … ADF is called upon to help.

ADF exists to advance the God-given right to live and speak the truth by protecting religious freedom, free speech, life, marriage and family, and parents’ rights.

But we need your help, because threats to your freedom to live out your faith are growing.

We don’t charge our clients a dime to defend them in court. But that’s only possible through the generosity of people like you.

Will you make a tax-deductible gift today to help advance the right to live and speak the truth and fight for courageous people like Jack in cases across the country and around the world?

Future generations are counting on us. Please act now.

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