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Support Emilee Against Government Threats

People should be free to express their beliefs without the threat of government punishment.

But right now, New York threatens to misuse the law to punish Emilee for her views on marriage unless we stand up and win in court.

That’s why Emilee Carpenter needs your support as Alliance Defending Freedom stands with Emilee for her right to speak freely. A win for Emilee is a win for free speech.

Our work to defend Americans like Emilee relies on the support of people like you.

Alliance Defending Freedom needs more support to take on dangerous laws like these that impose serious penalties on Americans and undermine our basic rights. We need generous partners like you to join this critical effort. Please give your best gift now to have it doubled while matching funds last.

It’s not just Emilee’s freedom at stake—it’s everyone’s.

When the government can come in and tell you what to do, what to say, and what to create, then we do not live in a free America.

Make your best gift to help defend Emilee and the free speech of all Americans today.

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