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Stand With ADF to Protect Women’s Rights in Statehouses Across the Country

Long before the Biden administration began to try to unlawfully rewrite Title IX, we knew that we would have to step up in a big way to counter this attack on truth and women’s rights.

That’s why we’ve been providing our legal expertise to state legislatures to craft laws that protect the privacy and safety of women and girls and uphold basic principles of fairness in athletics.

Thanks be to God, we’ve seen success.

But much work remains. And we need the help of friends like you as much as ever.

Government officials—including those in the Biden administration—are doubling down on promoting gender ideology and the harmful lie that people can change how God “fearfully and wonderfully” (Psalm 139) made them.

This lie is hurting confused and vulnerable boys and girls. Gender ideology is even leading school districts to force teachers and staff to deceive parents by secretly “socially transitioning” their children—treating them as the opposite sex—at school.

Now, the Biden administration is trying to rewrite Title IX. A law meant to protect women’s rights is instead being misused to strip them of these fundamental rights. Victory against such a well-funded and powerful opposition will require the efforts of everyone in the alliance, including you!

Your gift today will help:

  • Our public policy team assist legislators in more states to protect freedom for all.
  • Provide the legal resources and expert testimony legislators need to pass commonsense laws that uphold fairness and affirm biological truth.
  • Ensure that men aren’t allowed into women’s private spaces (bathrooms and locker rooms) and that women’s sports are kept for women.

Your gift of $50 or more helps fuel our ongoing efforts in state legislatures nationwide.

Like you, we know that the contest for truth isn’t just happening in Congress or federal courts.

Will you step up today and partner with us to help protect the fundamental rights of women and girls—and freedom for all?

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