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Help Hold Government Officials Accountable in 2024

We live in strange times, when basic truths are denied, and God-given freedoms are undermined by those meant to protect us.

With the many challenges we face, ADF is focusing on three areas where we expect to see your God-given rights threatened: rising government censorship, increasing dangers posed by gender ideology, and attacks on parental rights.

And we also know that, even after the fall of Roe v. Wade, attacks on life—and on the laws that protect the unborn—will likely rise in the next year.

ADF is going on the offense to see that your freedoms are protected—that the stand for freedom is being strengthened in 2024.

So we need your help. Because the threats are present, the time is urgent to continue to build the strongest team possible to defend freedom.

And right now, you can make a lasting impact for freedom-and for life when you give. Your gift can be combined with a $500,000 challenge grant and see that ADF has the necessary financial resources to stop the actions of overreaching government officials — including the Biden administration.

Please support the many clients we are defending this year whose cases hold consequences for all Americans. And please give to see that our legislative advocacy team can do the most work possible to help advance legislation in states and at the federal level which can protect all Americans.

The time is now. Please maximize the impact of the $500,000 challenge grant and give your best gift for freedom today. Thank you!

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