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VA governor signs bill protecting churches from discrimination during emergencies

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The following quote may be attributed to Alliance Defending Freedom Legal Counsel Greg Chafuen regarding Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin’s signing Sunday of HB 2171, a bill that ensures churches are allowed to remain open during a state of emergency on the same or better terms as other businesses and services:

“Houses of worship and religious organizations provide soul-sustaining operations that are essential to our society and protected by the First Amendment. While public officials have the authority and responsibility to protect public health and safety, the First Amendment prohibits the government from treating churches worse than shopping centers, restaurants, or gyms. This bill takes the modest step of ensuring that officials cannot use a public crisis to discriminate against religious services in churches and other houses of worship. We commend Gov. Youngkin and the Virginia General Assembly for taking action to defend religious freedom in Virginia.”

  • Pronunciation guide: Chafuen (CHAFF’-wen)

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