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ADF attorneys join Alabama to defend its law protecting children from harmful medical procedures

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The bottom line is that parents know their children best, and they do not surrender their parental role when they send their children to school.

The following quote may be attributed to Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel Roger Brooks regarding a motion for admission that the state of Alabama filed Monday in Boe v. Marshall to allow ADF attorneys to join in representing the state to defend its law that protects children from harmful and unnecessary medical procedures, which is currently being challenged by the Biden administration and politicized interest groups:

“Alabama is right to protect minors from harmful, irreversible, and strictly experimental medical procedures that permanently alter children’s bodies without any proven long-term benefit. We’re pleased the Alabama attorney general’s office asked ADF to assist in defending the state’s law. Children suffering discomfort with their sex are best served by compassionate mental health care that enables them to grow into comfort with their bodies naturally. Even the far-from impartial World Professional Association for Transgender Health has admitted that the overwhelming majority of children will naturally resolve their dysphoria as they mature. Yet activist groups and professionals with large financial interests continue to push harmful puberty-blockers, sterilizing cross-sex hormones, and irreversible surgeries upon children too young to understand the long-term implications for their lives, or to give informed consent. We’re pleased to support Alabama in doing what every state should do—implementing policy that protects vulnerable children and gives them time to flourish.”

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