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Teacher in Classroom


When local Assistant Principal Emily Mais courageously voiced her concerns to Albemarle County Public Schools in Virginia about the introduction of their mandatory “Anti-Racism Policy” trainings...

She was immediately shut down.

Why? Because the school district’s “anti-racism” policy was non-negotiable.

And when she mistakenly said “colored people” when she meant to say “people of color,” she learned just how bad the abuse could be.

Although she immediately apologized for her slip of the tongue, the harassment became so hostile and openly aggressive that Emily was forced to resign.

The message was clear: When you come into our school, you’re stripped of your rights in the name of “anti-racism”. Even when it’s clear an “anti-racism” policy promotes racial division and hostility, you can’t complain about it.

Emily has turned to Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) to help her take a stand and hold the school district accountable for violating her constitutionally protected rights.

Will you stand with us against the indoctrination of our public-school students in critical race theory and other divisive ideologies—and support teachers and administrators like Emily?

Please sign the Let Our Teachers Freely Speak Petition if you agree with the below:

  • I love the liberty America stands for...
  • I care about my God-given freedom to believe, speak, and live out my faith, as protected by the Constitution...
  • I believe teachers should NOT be forced to lay aside their rights at the schoolhouse doors...
  • I agree that raising concerns about radical, CRT-based policies should NOT be punishable by harassment and public humiliation...

Take action. Stand faithfully for free speech.

Add your voice to support courageous teachers and administrators like Emily. Sign the Petition now.