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Constructing a New Society

A Society Built on the Desires of Adults

Redefining marriage is the first step in creating a new society based on a new perception of morality. We're already seeing glimpses of this redesigned society today: a person's biological sex is increasingly becoming interchangeable; sexual freedom is more valued than religious freedom; and culture is more concerned with personal desires than a commitment to others.

Little by little, they are stripping us of any thought we might have, or any difference of opinion. This is our religious freedom at stake. Barronelle Stutzman
At A Glance

The State of Marriage

Since 1970

the percent of married couples with children under 18 has been cut in half: 40.3% of all households down to only 19.6% of all households.


The marriage rate among man-woman couples in U.S. States and foreign nations that removed the man-woman definition of marriage at least 6 years ago has declined by at least 5% or more in the few years since that change.


of children are born to single mothers not married or cohabiting with the child’s father.


Same-Sex Marriage Does Affect You

Disagreeing with this "tolerant" view of marriage is seen as a threat, since sexual rights are considered more important than your freedom to worship, run your business, and express your opinion in a way that's consistent with your faith.


Make a Difference!

Marriage Is Our Future

Marriage ensures that more children are raised in a loving, stable home by both their mother and father—something that every child instinctively needs and deserves. Marriage is our children’s best hope for the future. That’s why Alliance Defending Freedom remains committed to promoting the truth that marriage is the lifelong union of one man and one woman.

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