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Protecting Religious Freedom Around the Globe


With strategically placed offices throughout the world, Alliance Defending Freedom is at the forefront of the international legal battle for religious freedom. Along with hundreds of allies, we are engaging in legal advocacy before national and international institutions and courts, including the European Court of Human Rights, the European Parliament, and the United Nations. 


By God's grace Alliance Defending Freedom continues to:

Stand up for the persecuted church

We cannot stand idly by and allow our brothers and sisters around the world to endure discrimination, persecution, and even death.

We must pray for them and defend their right to live out their faith.

Keep the doors open for the Gospel

In many parts of the world, missionaries and evangelists face significant legal barriers. In some countries, a church cannot even exist as a legal entity.

ADF is challenging laws that hinder Christians from fulfilling their mission to spread the Gospel.

Prevent threats to freedom wherever they occur

International cases have the potential to set legal precedents that cross national borders, and even impact U.S. law. We are working to defend religious freedom in key international cases.

Church at Kandhamal

The church around the world is suffering

With the growing persecution of Christians abroad, and increasing attempts to shut down the spread of the Gospel, the need is urgent:

  • A pastor in Sweden was sentenced to prison for simply quoting what the Bible says about marriage.
  • A woman in Bulgaria was arrested and her religious materials were confiscated for holding private worship services in her home.
  • Radical Hindu mobs attacked Christian villages in India, burning churches and murdering men, women, and children.
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God has made His call clear

ADF began international work on a small scale in 2009. At that time, a number of our friends caught the vision and responded. But the need is growing!

God has opened doors for us that only He could open. He has granted us favor with leaders and judges in the most influential organizations and courts internationally. Since we became active in international work, ADF has quickly become a leader for defending faith and freedom. 

Until now, no Christian legal organization has had the capacity to effectively challenge opponents to faith and freedom in the international legal system. ADF is making a difference.

These victories are just the beginning

Thanks be to God, our international efforts have helped secure more than 1,400 victories for religious freedom, including 24 at the highly influential European Court of Human Rights. Among them: 

  • Overturning “hate speech” convictions for pastors in Sweden and Canada who were teaching from Scripture on homosexual behavior.
  • Helping to preserve the sanctity of life in Ireland — and for all of Europe (47 nations!) — when the European Court of Human Rights ruled that the European Convention of Human Rights does not contain a right to abortion.
  • Obtaining, through our allied partners working in conjunction with public prosecutors, the very first criminal convictions against the perpetrators of the killing of Christians in the state of Odisha, formerly known as Orissa, in India.
  • And more!
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