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Won State Trial Court

Phillips v. North Carolina Department of Public Instruction

Dr. David Phillips, former professor at North Carolina Governor's School


North Carolina Governor’s School fired a well-respected English professor, Dr. David Phillips, after he spoke out about the harms of the racially divisive ideology embraced by the school. For years, Dr. Phillips had spoken out against the school’s increasing adoption of critical theory, an ideology that views everyone and everything through the lens of characteristics like race, sex, and religion, labeling people as perpetual oppressors or victims based on group membership alone. After Dr. Phillips delivered three optional seminars critiquing critical theory and the increasing bias and lack of viewpoint diversity in higher education, North Carolina public school officials fired him mid-session without any explanation.

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Hal Frampton
Hal Frampton
Senior Counsel
Hal Frampton serves as senior counsel in the Center for Conscience Initiatives at Alliance Defending Freedom.