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Kansas governor betrays mothers, the unborn

Pregnant woman with a female doctor with a clipboard

The following quote may be attributed to Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel Denise Burke regarding Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly’s veto Friday of HB 2749, a bill designed to inform better support programs for mothers and their children, advance medical research, and protect the health of women by ensuring that the reasons why a woman chooses abortion are reported:

“Women deserve real health care that supports them during pregnancy and provides alternatives to the grave risks that abortion poses to women’s physical and psychological health. We commend the Kansas Legislature for passing this important bill that requires medical facilities to keep written records of all abortions performed, in addition to why the abortion was carried out. This information advances maternal health and safety by enabling responsible medical and public health decision-making based on accurate statistical data. Confidential and reliable abortion reporting promotes better health outcomes for women and would help Kansas assess the need for abortion alternatives and supportive programs for women and their children. By vetoing HB 2749, Gov. Kelly has failed to stand for life, mothers, and the unborn.”

Alliance Defending Freedom is an alliance-building, non-profit legal organization committed to protecting religious freedom, free speech, parental rights, and the sanctity of life.

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Denise Burke
Denise Burke
Senior Counsel
Denise Burke serves as senior counsel with Alliance Defending Freedom, where she is a member of the Center for Public Policy.