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David Benham

Help protect David Benham and other people of faith!

David Benham was arrested simply for exercising his First Amendment right – to pray.


That’s unconstitutional.

David and other pro-life advocates from Cities4Life were on the sidewalk outside a local North Carolina abortion facility. The group was praying for and ministering to women seeking abortion—just as they do every Saturday.

In America, the government can’t treat people of faith as second-class citizens. The First Amendment makes that clear. But government officials were clearly targeting David because of his pro-life views and religious beliefs.

The First Amendment protects the free speech rights of all people—not just those whose views are shared by local government officials. If we want to protect the legacy of freedom here in America for our children and grandchildren, we must act now.

Will you rise to the challenge and stand against government efforts to silence people of faith with your gift today?


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