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Hoggard v. Rhodes

Court: U.S. Supreme Court

Status: Active

Last Updated: 4/1/2021



Arkansas State officials kicked a student and another individual off the patio in front of the Student Union and threatened her with a violation of the student code of conduct simply for setting up a table to promote the campus chapter of Turning Point USA. The lawsuit prompted the state of Arkansas to enact campus free speech legislation known as the FORUM Act, which prohibits such restrictive speech policies. As a result, the university changed the bad policies it relied upon to censor the student, but a federal district court ultimately left no repercussions for university officials for their unconstitutional actions.

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Chris Schandevel

Legal Counsel

Chris Schandevel serves as legal counsel on Alliance Defending Freedom’s Appellate Advocacy Team.

John Bursch

Senior Counsel, Vice President of Appellate Advocacy

John Bursch is vice president of appellate advocacy and senior counsel with Alliance Defending Freedom.

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