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Supreme Court of the United States

Davis v. Shade

Last Updated: 6/2/2020



A lawsuit sought to uproot a Ten Commandments monument on the Allegany County courthouse grounds that is nearly identical to one the U.S. Supreme Court upheld in 2005. A resident of a neighboring county who owns property in Allegany County filed the lawsuit to have the monument removed because he claimed “he is offended” by it.

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Legal Documents

{"docs": [{"Court": "TrialCourt", "Title": "Motion to dismiss", "FileName": "", "Date": "10/30/2017 8:51:43 PM"}, {"Court": "TrialCourt", "Title": "Complaint", "FileName": "", "Date": "10/30/2017 8:51:43 PM"}, {"Court": "TrialCourt", "Title": "Notice of voluntary dismissal", "FileName": "", "Date": "10/30/2017 8:51:43 PM"}]}


Brett Harvey

Senior Counsel, Vice President of Allied Legal Affairs

Brett Harvey, Esq., serves as senior counsel and vice president of the Grants and Funding Team with Alliance Defending Freedom.

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