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Darren Patterson Christian Academy v. Roy

Darren Patterson Christian Academy


Darren Patterson Christian Academy in Buena Vista applied for and obtained approval to participate in Colorado’s new universal preschool program, which guarantees every four-year-old in the state at least 15 hours per week of state-funded preschool services for the upcoming school year. The Colorado Department of Early Childhood, however, is mandating that, for the school to participate in the program and receive critical state funding, it must hire employees who do not share its faith and alter internal rules and policies that are based on the school’s religious beliefs about sexuality and gender—including those that relate to restroom usage, pronouns, dress codes, and student housing during expeditions and field trips.

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Jeremiah Galus
Jeremiah Galus
Senior Counsel
Jeremiah Galus serves as senior counsel for Alliance Defending Freedom, where he is a key member of the Center for Christian Ministries.
Jacob Reed
Jacob Reed
Legal Counsel
Jacob Reed serves as legal counsel for the Center for Christian Ministries with Alliance Defending Freedom. Reed litigates on behalf of churches, Christian ministries, and religious schools to defend their constitutionally protected rights under the First Amendment.