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In God We Trust License Plate

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On July 30, 1956, the national motto of the United States “In God We Trust” was enshrined in law...

...when President Eisenhower signed a Congressional Resolution to that effect that was passed unanimously by the 84th Congress. The national motto, thus affirmed, was hardly a new sentiment to Americans. In fact, our national anthem—The Star-Spangled Banner, penned by Francis Scott Key in 1814—declares in its fourth stanza, “And this be our motto – ‘In God is our trust.’” Since 1864, “In God We Trust” has been imprinted on all U.S. coins, and in 1957 was added to paper currency by Act of Congress.

ADF License Plate

How does this specialty plate support the work of Alliance Defending Freedom?

Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) is the world’s largest legal organization committed to protecting religious freedom, free speech, marriage and family, parental rights, and the sanctity of life. ADF is committed to preserving these freedoms not just today, but for generations to come. To further this goal, the ADF Board of Directors formed ADF Foundation—an Arizona 501(c)(3) nonprofit—to manage endowment funds to support the work of ADF for generations.

ADF Foundation created the “In God We Trust” specialty license plate to promote the national motto, First Amendment rights, and our national and state heritage. Income from these specialty license plates is issued as grants to ADF to support litigation to protect First Amendment rights, including multiple instances where displaying the national motto was challenged—even reaching two U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeals.

You can purchase the “In God We Trust” specialty license plate directly fom the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT).

Purchasing the specialty plate costs $25 (in addition to any regular registration fees), and $17 of that price is disbursed to ADF Foundation.

Support the work of Alliance Defending Freedom and promote our time-honored national motto by purchasing your “In God We Trust” specialty license plate at today!

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