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Church Alliance

Is your church legally prepared?

The culture is changing. Threats to religious freedom are increasing.

Are your church bylaws, policies, and other governing documents clearly communicating your church’s sincerely held religious beliefs?

Would your church be prepared to protect itself in a religious liberty related lawsuit?

Do you have like-minded, Christian counsel helping you navigate changing religious freedom legal trends?

ADF Church Alliance is an affordable religious liberty legal membership program for churches. We help prepare your church and protect your right to teach and minister according to biblical principles – without fear of unjust government intervention.

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How will your church benefit?

We provide religious liberty legal help that is tailored to the needs of your church and the latest threats to your First Amendment freedoms.

We help prepare your church for religious freedom legal issues through experienced advice and counsel to help you deal with those issues. And we’re available to answer religious liberty related legal questions that can come up as you minister. If necessary and appropriate, we’ll even represent your church in court.

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Join the membership today with a five-minute online application.

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Every Church Matters

Every church can help protect religious freedom for this generation and generations to come. Joining ADF Church Alliance is an opportunity to impact the church that goes well beyond the cost of membership.

Affordable pricing gives every church the ability to proactively prepare for the possibility of a legal challenge to its religious freedom. By preparing your church, and helping protect other churches, you are joining an alliance that is helping to bolster religious freedom across the country.

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