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Houston, Stand with ADF Today and Your Gift is Matched!

You see what's happening across the country and in your community. Your right to free speech, the fairness of women's sports, and the sanctity of life are all under threat. You know it's time to take a stand.

Your commitment is crucial. Give today, and your first gift will be matched while funds last, doubling your impact! Your support will help Alliance Defending Freedom stand for the freedoms that matter to you.

You've seen our victories —15 U.S. Supreme Court wins in the last twelve years and more than 500 other triumphs in courts across the country. Now, we need you to be part of today’s legal battles—possibly right here in Houston.

You can make a difference in protecting what you hold dear. Feel the pride of HOUSTON knowing your gift will help safeguard your freedoms, now and for future generations.

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