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U.S. Supreme Court Declines to Protect Women’s Sports 

In a recent ruling, the U.S. Supreme Court decided to leave in place a temporary injunction that blocks enforcement of West Virginia’s women’s sports law while ADF’s defense of the law moves forward at the court of appeals. 

The case is far from over. As Justice Alito explained in his dissent, the issue of fairness in women’s sports is one the “Court is likely to be required to address in the near future.” That’s why Alliance Defending Freedom will continue to vigorously work to ensure that female athletes in West Virginia—and throughout the country—aren’t forced to compete against male athletes. Currently, 20 states have passed laws that aim to protect fairness in women’s sports—and we expect more of them will be challenged by activists.

Unjust policies allowing males to unfairly compete in women’s athletic programs must not go unchallenged. 

Female athletes, like Connecticut's Chelsea Mitchell, spend years of their lives dedicated to honing their talents, only to watch championships and opportunities taken away by males with unfair physical advantages.

Left unchecked, these flawed policies would spell the end of female athletics.

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