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Since Alliance Defending Freedom’s founding in 1994, Ministry Friends like you have helped ADF play a role in more than 77 victories for freedom at the U.S. Supreme Court. And since 2011 alone, you have helped fuel freedom’s defense in 15 Supreme Court wins in which we’ve served as lead or co-counsel.

This is your generosity in action—the legacy of freedom that you’re helping to leave.

Freedom advocates like you have helped secure free speech for college students sharing the Gospel on their college campuses, religious freedom for Christian foster and adoption agencies, freedom of conscience for artists who don’t want to create messages that contradict their beliefs, and so many more.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg—you can look to the future with expectant hope, knowing how these victories affect both Americans today and future generations.

And our new free resource—Securing Freedom’s Future at the U.S. Supreme Court—will encourage and equip you to explain how these victories protect the freedoms of every American.

This guide is your inside look at how generous Ministry Friends like you changes lives and protects our God-given rights.

Download your copy of Securing Freedom’s Future at the U.S. Supreme Court now!