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Your Generosity Can Help Fuel Critical Victories for Freedom

Your generosity has been critical in helping secure wins in the stand for freedom.

You’ve helped support many clients in need and helped secure victories in courts across the country. This means that you helped freedom prevail for every American.

In Illinois, for example, your generosity helped support a legal victory for free speech on behalf of Maggie DeJong.

While she was a graduate student, she shared her biblical and conservative views in class and online—and in response, several students complained and the school tried to silence her, even going so far as to tell her she wasn’t allowed to talk or approach the offended students. Now, the civil and constitutional rights of other students on campus are protected.

And in Wisconsin, you helped us successfully defend the right of a mother, Tammy Fournier, to direct her daughter’s upbringing and care.

We partnered with the Wisconsin Institute of Law and Liberty to come to Tammy’s aid after her daughter’s school refused to refer to her daughter using her real name and female pronouns—against Tammy’s explicit requests. We won the case and now, parents in Kettle Moraine’s school district know their rights as their children’s primary caregivers can’t be infringed.  

Your support even helped evacuate a family from Sudan as they faced serious threats of death and torture for following Christ.

But freedom continues to be threatened and we need your renewed help to defend your rights.

The Biden administration is attempting to redefine “sex” in Title IX to include “gender identity.” This means that in almost every school that receives federal funding, the administration is mandating that men who identify as women be allowed into women’s restrooms and locker rooms, men be allowed to compete in women’s sports, and faculty and students must agree with gender ideology, speaking views they disagree with.

This is an egregious violation that turns back the clock on women’s opportunities, erodes student privacy, undermines free speech, and threatens women’s sports. That’s why we’re representing female athletes, teachers, and others to hold the administration accountable.

You can help fuel these efforts with your gift today. You can stand shoulder to shoulder with other supporters of freedom to help safeguard your inherent rights.

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