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The cruelty against Jack must stop

The cruelty against Jack Phillips continues. Will you pray for him?

You know his story: Jack is the cake artist from Colorado who serves all people but could not—and cannot—create a custom cake that expresses a message he does not believe.

For Jack and so many other Christian artists, it’s never about the who. It’s always about what message they’re being asked to communicate.

He cannot express every message asked of him. And because our nation’s Constitution protects free speech, he doesn’t have to.

After ten years, and despite two victories, he’s still being targeted by activists who want to see him punished for his beliefs.

Unfortunately, Colorado law continues to be misused to crush Jack’s right—and the right of every American—to say what they believe without being punished.

The same day the U.S. Supreme Court took up Jack’s first case, an activist attorney called his shop asking for a custom cake to celebrate and symbolize a “transition” from male to female. The attorney also called back to request a custom cake depicting Satan smoking marijuana.

Activists aren’t simply pushing Jack to abandon his beliefs. They are trying to coerce him into promoting theirs.

That’s why twenty-two states, six Colorado state legislators, and multiple advocacy groups have filed friend-of-the-court briefs with the Colorado Supreme Court, asking it to uphold Jack’s First Amendment freedoms.

Please sign your name below to commit to praying for Jack, and for the free speech of every American to be protected.

Will you join Alliance Defending Freedom as we lift Jack up in prayer? He will not walk this road alone.

Thank you for standing with Jack!