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The freedoms of educators and students are increasingly threatened. Why? Because government officials are silencing speech that the government disagrees with and punishing Americans for engaging in honest discussion and debate.

Some policies seek to compel educators or students to express messages that aren’t true. These unlawful directives force educators to deceive and mislead parents and students to avoid plain truths when talking with each other.

But don’t educators and students have the right to live and speak the truth—without fear of punishment? Or do those rights expire at the schoolhouse door?

Find out the answers to the following questions in ADF’s new guide to First Amendment freedoms in K-12 schools:

  • Is it legal to teach about religion in the classroom?
  • Can I share my faith, study the Bible, or pray at school?
  • Am I allowed to display religious symbols or visuals in the classroom?
  • Can I lead an after-school Bible study?