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Help Defend Jack Phillips

He’s been called names, received death threats, been compared to Nazis and slaveholders, and been dragged into court again and again.

All because he wants to say what he believes without fear of government punishment.

But let’s back up.

Jack is a cake artist in Colorado. As the owner of Masterpiece Cakeshop, he gladly serves all people.

And like most artists, he always decides whether to create a custom cake based on what message it will express, never who requests it.

For this, Colorado officials tried to punish Jack all the way up to the U.S. Supreme Court. They wanted to force Jack to say things he does not believe.

Then on the same day that the Supreme Court announced it would hear Jack’s case, his shop got a phone call.

It was an attorney requesting a custom cake to “celebrate” and “symbolize” a gender transition. Jack politely declined, and offered to sell the attorney any other item in his shop or to create a different custom cake promoting a message he would express for anyone.

But it was all a set-up.

The attorney immediately took legal action against Jack. And just recently, a Colorado court ruled against Jack — affirming the state may force Jack to say things he does not believe.

The cruelty must stop. No activist or government official should be able to force any American to promote messages they do not believe. Free speech is for everyone.

That’s why we’re asking the Colorado Supreme Court to stop this coercion. And we’re prepared to take Jack’s case all the way back to the U.S. Supreme Court — if necessary.

As a non-profit, we’re only able to take on cases like Jack’s because of support from Americans like you. We represent people like Jack at no cost to them.

Will you stand with Jack and help fuel our efforts to defend free speech for all Americans by chipping in $10 today? Thanks to a generous Ministry Friend who has provided a matching grant, when you give today, every dollar will be matched up to $500,000! That means $10 becomes $20, and $100 becomes $200 towards defending freedom.

Give today and DOUBLE your impact!

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