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International Religious Freedom 3 Myths & 3 Facts
Alliance Defending Freedom
Alliance Defending Freedom

Get The Facts About Religious Freedom Throughout the World

Persecution of Christians and other minority religion adherents is on the rise worldwide. Over 365 million Christians live in places where persecution is a daily challenge.

In some countries, blasphemy laws still carry a death sentence. Homeschool parents are targeted by governments who threaten to take their children away because of their faith. Christians are even arrested for silently praying or tweeting a Bible verse.

But many Americans aren’t aware of the threat to religious freedom and the extent to which it is under attack in Western countries like the U.K. and Brazil.

That’s why we’ve created this new, free guide to help demystify some of the most common myths about religious freedom throughout the world, including:

  • Aren’t attacks on religious freedom a thing of the past?
  • Does international human rights law protect against religious persecution?
  • Won’t I be left alone if I just keep my beliefs to myself?

Plus, you’ll find information to help you know how to pray for persecuted brothers and sisters in Christ around the world.

Get your free copy of International Religious Freedom: 3 Myths and 3 Facts now!