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Your gift makes up to FOUR times the impact!

The threats to our freedoms are rising, and annual requests for legal assistance number in the thousands.

Everyday people like you are harassed, silenced, and threatened—just for speaking the truth. Banks are cutting off financial resources for Gospel-focused ministries because they won’t abandon their beliefs. Parents are discovering that schools have betrayed their trust and are secretly “socially transitioning” their children behind their backs.

We’ve been blessed with some of the top legal minds in the industry who are dedicated advocates for freedom. But the truth is, we can’t be everywhere at once, and the work of the alliance depends on the support of the over 4,500 network attorneys.

We can’t do this without your help. You can aid this critical legal work right now through ADF’s Grants and Funding program. For every $1 given, ADF network attorneys donate up to $4 of their own time and resources—that means you can multiply your impact for freedom!

Your support helps ADF provide these attorneys with the critical resources and financial assistance they need to help secure and advance our liberty in key cases throughout the country.

Thank you for your generous support!

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