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Our Constitution Ebook

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The Constitution is the most important document in American civil life—the “supreme Law of the Land.” It shapes government structures, sets clear and strict limits on the power of our governments, and most importantly, enshrines many of our God-given rights.

Many Americans today simply do not have a clear understanding of our Constitution, and that does not bode well for the freedom of future generations.

Ronald Reagan said that “freedom is never more than one generation from extinction.” He was calling on Americans to actively engage with their government, and that begins with having a grasp of some of the fundamental concepts the Constitution outlines.

For instance, presidents do not make laws. But far too many of our fellow citizens do not understand or appreciate the importance of simple constitutional principles, like the separation of powers.

That’s what Alliance Defending Freedom has created a short, free, accessible guide: Our Constitution: 3 Myths & 3 Facts.

Download the guide and be equipped to defend freedom!

What’s inside:

  • How does the U.S. Supreme Court interact with the Constitution? Should they shape the Constitution or merely interpret it?
  • Who is the Constitution meant to govern? Private citizens, governments, or both?
  • What about state constitutions? How are they addressed by the Constitution?

Get your copy of Our Constitution: 3 Myths & 3 Facts now and be equipped to defend freedom by rightly understanding the U.S. Constitution.