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Your support helps us fight back against gender theory

Gender theory is harming children and poisoning our culture.

It’s just that simple. From the classrooms to the playing fields to adoption policy, gender theory seeks to distort the clear truth and is undermining one of the most foundational realities of what it means to be human: the fact that we are each created male or female.

Alliance Defending Freedom is on the front lines, pushing back against gender theory in the culture and in the courtroom. We’re challenging policies like “gender transition” plans that mislead and deceive parents about the care of their children. And policies that FORCE teachers to lie to students by using opposite-sex pronouns.

We’re also at work in states like Alabama, helping leaders to defend laws that protect children from life-altering and unnecessary medical procedures.

But this is an effort that requires all of us—an alliance. Your gift helps fuel these and many other important cases. We never charge our clients a dime to represent them in the courtroom, and they know that Americans like you have their back. Your generosity and prayers will make a real difference.

Will you give your best gift today?