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Christian bookstore must violate faith or face massive fines

Help ADF defend them and others standing for free speech!

Jacksonville, FL-based Queen of Angels Catholic Bookstore and owner Christie DeTrude simply strive to honor God and wish to promote their beliefs, including through the store’s website and YouTube channel.

The bookstore joyfully serves all people, and sells its products to anyone, but Christie and her employees cannot speak a message they disagree with. An outrageous Jacksonville law is compelling businesses to speak inconsistent with their beliefs by promoting government-approved ideologies—or face devastating fines.

Like far too many laws across the county, this Jacksonville law requires businesses to use a customer’s “preferred” pronouns—even a Christian bookstore that explicitly embraces the Gospel and fundamental biblical values regarding gender and sexuality.

Christie knows what faithful Christians know. “Living by faith” doesn’t mean leaving your faith after Sunday services. You live your faith every day—at home, in the workplace, and in the public square.

That’s why this Jacksonville law is not only wrong—it’s unconstitutional. And Alliance Defending Freedom is standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the bookstore and Christie.

Cases like these are increasing. Will you stand with us and make a tax-deductible gift right now to help fuel Alliance Defending Freedom’s effort to protect the rights of this Christian bookstore and others risking government punishment for holding fast to their beliefs?

Thank you in advance for your generosity!

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