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Watch: No One Should Go Through What Elizabeth Did. Stand with Her Today

When Elizabeth faced an unexpected pregnancy shortly after graduating college, she didn’t know where to turn. Although she was unsure about pursuing abortion, her boyfriend at the time wanted her to go to Planned Parenthood—and soon she found herself being coerced to take abortion drugs. 

Elizabeth was assured that when she took the drugs, all she would experience would be “light cramping,” and that she would be “back to work on Monday.”

But this is a far cry from what Elizabeth went through.

Elizabeth was abandoned when she was most in need. No one told her about the pain she would go through, physically and emotionally. No one warned her about the nausea, the vomiting, the tremors, or the amount of bleeding she would experience.

No one warned her about how the loss of her baby would affect her.

Women are suffering horrific harms from abortion drugs because the FDA isn’t doing its job. The FDA has disregarded stories like Elizabeth’s because it seems to be prioritizing the agenda of the abortion lobby over the health and well-being of women and girls. 

That’s why thousands of doctors are standing up to the FDA and why Alliance Defending Freedom is representing them in a first-of-its-kind lawsuit to challenge the agency’s unlawful actions putting women at risk.