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First Amendment Guide Cover

Know Your Rights: Download This Guide to the First Amendment!

Your freedom of speech is under threat—and we want you to be equipped to defend it. The First Amendment, a cornerstone of our Constitution, guarantees your right to express your beliefs and your thoughts without fear of government punishment.

Alliance Defending Freedom is here for you.

We understand not every American feels equipped to address the topic of free speech. Not only does our team of legal experts understand its intricacies, but we also actively stand for Americans whose rights have been challenged—and we’ve been effective in our work: ADF has won nearly 80% of the cases we’ve taken on.

Fill out the form below to receive valuable insights and information about your freedoms. Your first email will include our guide to your free speech rights, Setting the Record Straight: 3 Lies About the First Amendment.

Together, we can strive to safeguard our precious freedoms and work to ensure that the American spirit of free expression thrives.

Join us now to claim your free guide and be prepared to defend your First Amendment rights—and the rights of every American.