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Help Stop the Indoctrination of Kids in Critical Race Theory

Students in some public schools are being indoctrinated in the teachings of a radical and divisive view of the world called “critical theory”—including “Critical Race Theory.”

  • Children are being told they are “oppressed” or an “oppressor” based solely on the color of their skin.
  • Children are being told that the American system of government must be replaced.

And critical theory cynically views inherent rights and freedoms—like free speech—as mere tools for the “powerful” to control the “oppressed.”

This isn’t just happening in big-city schools. It’s not just in certain states. It’s all over the nation. And it’s a problem that should concern us all.

Schools shouldn’t be ideological battlegrounds. No child should be indoctrinated. Especially not in theories that tell them they are inherently less than someone else.

Racism is wrong. Every person is created in the image of God and deserving of equal treatment and respect.

But the solution to racism isn’t more (or different) racism. People shouldn’t be judged by the color of their skin.

With the help of Ministry Friends like you, Alliance Defending Freedom looks to challenge these tools of indoctrination in public schools.

But this is no small undertaking. We need to immediately expand the ADF legal team to meet the rising need of these important cases.

A generous Ministry Friend who believes strongly in this work is offering to match your gift — dollar for dollar — up to $500,000.

With a gift today, you can help make possible a multi-pronged legal strategy designed to stop the indoctrination of kids in Critical Race Theory and other harmful ideologies.

Please give today and DOUBLE your impact!

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