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Take the next step—help fund Liam’s legal defense and free speech across the country

The fact is, students like 12-year-old Liam don’t forfeit their free speech when they walk into school. School officials cannot censor students. 

But our lawsuit isn’t just about a shirt. It’s about protecting Liam’s—and your—God-given right to speak the truth. It’s about challenging government overreach. It’s about ensuring that you, Liam, and all Americans can live and speak the truth without fear of government punishment.

The First Amendment is for you—and for people of all beliefs. If you only have freedom to agree with those in power, then you don’t have freedom at all.

If Liam can be silenced, so can you—so can any of us.

Please give your best gift today to help defend Liam and the free speech of all Americans.

When you give now, your gift will be doubled by a limited-time matching grant—dollar for dollar—up to $500,000. That means $25 becomes $50, $50 becomes $100, and $100 becomes $200, while matching funds last.

What happened to Liam is a gross violation of the First Amendment. We look forward to representing him in this case, but we need your help to fuel this and other cases like it. We don’t charge clients like Liam a dime to represent them in court—but that’s only possible because concerned friends of freedom like you give.

No one—not Liam, not you, not anyone—should be punished for peacefully expressing their beliefs. That’s what your tax-deductible gift today will help ensure.

Thank you in advance for being generous!

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