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Faith and freedom in America are on the line.

Right now, Alliance Defending Freedom is protecting your rights in important cases—including ones that could be decided by the U.S. Supreme Court.

These decisions could determine whether people of faith will be free to live out their beliefs... or whether those people and beliefs can continue to be marginalized by government officials.

Our freedoms are unalienable because they come from God. It is the duty of government to protect our God-given freedoms. This was America’s founding proposition, and it’s what makes this nation special.

But America’s founding proposition is under intense attack.


Christians and all people of faith must take a stand now, or we risk our freedoms being damaged forever.

Since our founding 27 years ago, ADF has played a significant role in 64 Supreme Court victories. We have also have more than 60 court cases in lower courts right now continuing to defend your First Amendment freedoms.

We are only able to do this critical work because of the voluntary gifts we receive from thousands of wonderful Ministry Friends.

Will you please consider joining us as a financial supporter today? As a nonprofit, we make every dollar count.

Together, we can help to preserve America as the “land of the free” for our children and grandchildren!

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Ministry Friend Bill of Rights

As a Ministry Friend who supports the work and ministry of Alliance Defending Freedom, you have the right:

  1. To know that Alliance Defending Freedom will never sell, rent, or make available your name or information related to your gifts for non-Alliance Defending Freedom purposes.
  2. To know how Alliance Defend Freedom spends funds available to us and to be made aware of the cases or operations your gifts help fund.
  3. To know that Alliance Defending Freedom is in compliance with federal, state, and municipal laws.
  4. To designate your gift to one of our priority projects.
  5. To receive a quick response to your inquiries about Alliance Defending Freedom finances and programs.
  6. To visit our ministry offices and meet with us personally.
  7. To expect that Alliance Defending Freedom will never use high-pressure tactics to solicit your support.
  8. To know that Alliance Defending Freedom is efficient, organized, and well-managed.
  9. To know that Alliance Defending Freedom has an involved and responsible independent Board of Directors that takes its oversight duties very seriously.
  10. To know that our appeals for funds are truthful and accurate to the very best of our knowledge.