Your Help Needed Help train more Christian attorneys to stand against government overreach

America’s legal foundation is in crisis.

You see it every day. The search for truth and justice is replaced by partisan politics. The Constitution is treated like a living document to be changed at whim. And the relentless judicial assault on people of faith and their God-given freedoms is increasing.

This didn’t happen by accident.

For years, secular elites have been working to change the understanding of law, history, and America’s founding principles. And they’ve done serious damage as a result.

Our country was founded on key principles:

  • Judeo-Christian morality

  • Self-government

  • Freedom

Yet here we are, living in a time when our legal system has unilaterally imposed abortion on demand. And they removed the power of the states to recognize marriage as the union of one man and one woman. How did we get here?

For decades, the opposition has been working to undermine religious freedom in the courtroom and the classroom.

As the gatekeepers of our nation’s top universities and law schools, the Left’s influence on the next generation of leaders cannot be overstated. They are trying to convince young people that there is only one way to think about the social issues facing us today. This is one of the causes of the deep divide in America.

Why do they do this?

Because they know that these young people graduate and carry those faulty beliefs with them into public life and critical positions of leadership. These are, after all, the very schools that train the majority of our judges, Supreme Court justices, and government representatives. And they are using whatever power and influence they have to undermine your religious freedom.

We’re already seeing the results of their efforts.

We see it when government officials target and punish people of faith for living consistently with their beliefs. We see it when activist judges legislate from the bench instead of enforcing the law. And we see it when public university faculty and administrators lead the charge against free speech and conservative values on campus.

We must act now to push back against government abuse of power and preserve freedom’s future in America.

Now is the time to act

With the empty seat on the U.S. Supreme Court now filled, it is time to move forward and make the most of the opportunities before us. Supreme Court decisions have a dramatic impact on our nation for generations to come. It is critical that we continue to stand against government overreach by pushing nation-shaping cases to the high court and securing generational victories for freedom.

History has shown that when we stand together, with God’s blessing, we can WIN.

Through your continued support, ADF has grown to become a major force in the legal battle for religious freedom, winning nearly 80% of our cases, including nine victories at the U.S. Supreme Court in the last seven years!

  • You helped secure a huge Supreme Court victory for Colorado cake artist Jack Phillips. The high court acknowledged that the State of Colorado showed unconstitutional hostility toward Jack because of his faith.

  • You won for pro-life pregnancy centers in California. This Supreme Court victory protects their freedom to speak messages of truth instead of being forced by the government to become mouthpieces for the abortion industry.

  • You protected the freedom of religious schools and ministries against the HHS abortion pill mandate. The Supreme Court ruled against the government’s attempts to force people of faith and religious organizations to cover abortion-inducing drugs in their insurance plans against their conscience.

  • You also won for Trinity Lutheran Church at the Supreme Court. The church was being treated unfairly by the government when it applied for a state grant—simply because it is religious.

These are amazing victories for freedom, but the work is far from over. The opposition is an army, and they won’t give up. They will resist efforts to protect religious freedom every step of the way.

To continue the fight against government overreach—and to be successful—we must come alongside more Christian attorneys.

  • We need to equip veteran attorneys with winning strategies to defend religious freedom right now.

  • We need to train new attorneys to join in the fight and create a growing movement that stands for freedom now and in the future.

  • And we need to train students—the next generation of attorneys—to ensure that freedom’s future is protected.

If we don’t equip Christian attorneys across our nation to defend religious freedom, they won’t have the tools necessary to continue the fight against government overreach. And they must be prepared. The attacks on freedom have only increased in recent years.

This is your chance to help steer America’s legal system back in the right direction. If you care deeply about the current battles for the freedom of this nation, please act now.


Training leaders to stand against government overreach

Thankfully, Alliance Defending Freedom has built a strong alliance of Christian professionals through several world-class programs. Now, attorneys, law students, and college students are being equipped in their chosen field of practice to make a lasting impact for Christ.

  • ADF Summit on Religious Liberty brings together seasoned attorneys and equips them to engage in legal and cultural strategies to allow religious liberty to flourish.

  • Young Lawyers Academy trains recent law school graduates and lawyers in their first few years of practice by providing resources and opportunities to engage in the battle for religious freedom.

  • Blackstone Legal Fellowship brings together highly credentialed Christian law students to study under prominent scholars, participate in career-building legal internships, and prepare for a life of excellence and leadership in the law-profession culture.

  • Areté Academy launches highly accomplished university students and recent graduates on a path to future leadership in law, government, business, and public policy.

Our vision is to equip as many present and future attorneys as possible to use their talents for good, to stand against government abuse of power, and to fight and win for freedom.

This work is absolutely critical in this day and age.

These are the bright minds that can win the battles for religious freedom for all of us. They share your love for freedom, morality, and justice, and they are eager to make a difference—right now.

We must continue to grow this important work. But we can only do so through God’s provision and the generous support of people like you.

When you give today, you are truly making a difference in the fight for freedom.

Your investment will pay dividends for generations as you help prepare more Christian attorneys to stand against government overreach.

Hostility towards people of faith is growing

Did you ever think you’d see the day when it was off-limits for Americans to freely live out their faith?

Today, Christians are expected to leave their faith at home. For many of you, your beliefs are not welcome at work, in public, and even in your own families.

You may be wondering how that’s possible. After all, we are living in a time when self-expression is glorified. People’s self-perceived identities and their sexual preferences are expected to be publicly celebrated and affirmed. No questions asked.

Everything, that is, except tenets of the Christian faith apparently.

And we are seeing that hostility toward people of faith from prominent government officials.

During a judicial confirmation hearing for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Seventh Circuit, Senator Dianne Feinstein told nominee Amy Barrett, who is Catholic, that “the dogma lives loudly within you.”

The Senator was insinuating that Christians are not suited for public office.

In that same hearing, Senator Al Franken implied that Judge Barrett was unfit because of her connection to ADF as a past faculty member for Blackstone Legal Fellowship. Franken referred to ADF as a “hate group,” parroting discredited attacks by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

These attacks on Judge Barrett aren’t the only recent examples of religious intolerance in government.

Months earlier, it reared its head at a confirmation hearing for Office of Management and Budget deputy director nominee Russell Vought. An indignant U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders said he was “bothered” by Vought’s view that belief in Jesus is necessary for salvation. Sanders claimed that because Vought held to this historic Christian teaching that “[he] is really not someone who this country is supposed to be about.”


No one should have to pass a religious test to serve their country. The Constitution forbids it. But you would never know that listening to today’s political discourse.

Those in power are pushing the limits of public discourse and behavior.

And things will only continue to get worse unless we take action. We must make a bold stand for truth and freedom. We must prepare Christian attorneys to defend our freedoms now and in the future—before it’s too late.

Will you help?

The future of religious freedom is in your hands today

Many of the legal battles playing out in courtrooms across the country today are funded by a network of secular activists. They are leveraging positions of power and government influence to severely restrict freedom in America.

To protect our legacy of liberty for the next generation, we must fight back. And we must prepare current and future attorneys for the battle ahead.

By God’s grace, we’ve already made tremendous progress. You’ve helped equip thousands of attorneys and students nationwide who are already stepping up to fill crucial roles in law, government, and corporate leadership.

But there is much more work to be done.

The opposition has nearly unlimited resources at its disposal. Your gift is needed to counter the opposition and train up more Christian attorneys.

We never want to have to turn anyone away because of a lack of funds. But we are solely dependent on God’s blessing and Him moving in the hearts of people like you to provide the means to continue this important work.

Together, we can take advantage of the opportunities before us, prepare Christian attorneys and students to become better advocates for religious freedom, and equip them with the tools they need to stand up to government overreach and protect freedom’s future.

Please prayerfully consider giving the very best gift that God would enable you to give at this time. Without the continued investment, we could see freedom further eroded for our generation, and for our children and grandchildren.