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Supreme Court of the United States

Will you defend the rights of parents?


The cases Alliance Defending Freedom’s Center for Parental Rights is litigating are the very definition of “generational” battles.

If we lose these battles to defend parents and their children, activists will be emboldened to indoctrinate kids as they see fit in schools across the country.

We are spending hours and hours cross-examining individuals who deny this simple truth—that there are differences when it comes to boys and girls. We’re litigating cases where some school officials are proposing that schools segregate children based on their race.

We must defend the most basic of rights in the midst of our culture’s current confusion.

The vital work ADF does to defend your God-given freedoms and constitutional rights in these critical legal battles is expensive…

Simply put, we cannot win these battles without the prayerful support of good people like you.

With a tax-deductible gift today, YOU can help fund our legal strategy designed to stop the indoctrination of kids in the classroom with racially divisive and radical gender ideologies.

It doesn’t matter how large or small your gift is, every single dollar counts in protecting the rights of parents to direct the upbringing of their children.

Please don’t delay. Help ensure parents control their children’s future - not activist school officials - by making your gift to ADF through this secure form:

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